Flyers Energy Can Help Manage Your Business

Flyers Energy is proud to be one of the largest commercial fueling providers and Mobil™ lubricant marketers in the country. We offer products from branded to unbranded fuel, Mobil™ automotive & industrial lubricants, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Flyers Energy is your partner when it comes to keeping fuel in your tank, money in your wallet, and providing you with industry-leading experience to keep your vehicle(s) and equipment in top performance.

Keep it Local
Fleet Fueling Program

Security. Convenience. Savings. Your fleet runs better with easy card invalidation and replacement, consolidated invoices, online account management, and tax reporting.

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Commercial Fuel

We do fuel and lots of it. Flyers Energy distributes 58 million gallons per month to retail, wholesale, and commercial fuel customers.

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Mobil™ Oil

Flyers Energy has partnered with Mobil™ as one of the largest marketers of quality Mobil automotive and industrial products in the country.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Recognizing the growing need for DEF, Flyers Energy offers DEF onsite at more than 20 cardlock locations and delivers DEF in a variety of packages.

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Key Features

Best In Class Customer Service

Flyers Energy has not one, but two customer service teams that are dedicated to offering the personal relationship experience you are looking for. At Flyers Energy, we realize that great customer service requires more than just putting together the best team of knowledgeable and experienced people, it also requires being available when and where you need us. In that vein, our customer service team is available by: phone, email, chat, or even text message.

A Reputation You Can Trust

As an industry leader, tens of thousands of companies rely on us to fulfill their energy needs. In a service based industry, we have set ourselves apart from the competition by developing a reputation for hiring the best people and supplying only the highest quality products and services.  In a market where most of our competitors are stagnating or shrinking, we continue to grow.

Correct Solutions Before Profits

While your fuel needs may seem simple, each fleet or business has individual priorities. Our fuel and lubricant consultants will help create a commercial fuel or lubricant program to best fit your needs. As Flyers Energy grows, we continue to expand the fueling, reporting, and security tools and products available. We use all these tools to tailor a program to address the business needs of our customers. If our programs won’t adequately address your needs, we’ll tell you.

Flyers Energy can help manage your business